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The Amazing Cloud Action in Snoqualmie-01

Seattle Photo | View of Cascades Mountain Ranges From Snoqualmie, WA

The Amazing Cloud Action and Cascades Mountain Ranges – Snoqualmie, WA


The weather is sort of strange lately, it is constantly alternating between rain, ice, sun and back to rain again.  Today is one of this day, at one moment it was raining and the next, it was sunny, and in no time it went back to rain again.

It was a Sunday, my plan is to sleep-in, wake up late, then walk to the nearby coffee shop for some coffee and breakfast.  The weather report says it will be sunny in the morning and rain around noon.  I woke up at 10am, it’s all good, I still have 2 hours to do all this before the rain starts.  So I changed, take the dog out, hurry the wife, and as soon as I open the door, I discovered that it was raining . . . already!  Hey WEATHER STATION, you said I have two hours, it’s only 10:30am and it’s raining!!!  Oh well, go figure, when did the weather prediction of Seattle ever accurate?  I should have know better by now.

Just as we were about to give up our plan and instead eating breakfast at home, the rain stop and the sun is out.  It’s now bright and sunny outside!  So of course, we proceed with our plan and walk to the coffee shop for breakfast.  It was a beautiful walk, not a single raindrop.

After some relaxing and awakening coffee and breakfast, the sun is still there, a little bit of blue sky was present too.  Let see if I can describe the weather with my poor English – the sky was a mix of rolling thick dark rain clouds, puffy and bright white clouds, bright sun and a little bit of blue sky that comes and goes a lot.  It makes for some really amazing canvas in the sky.  So after breakfast, I decided to grab my camera, go out and try to capture weather pattern.

Soon it was noon, but the rain hasn’t come yet, the sun is still bright, I am still out and about walking and shooting.  the weather station is once again proven unreliable., except this time it was a welcome inaccuracy.  I have fun out there taking photos and at the same time put in some nice walk.  It turnout to be a very nice day.

The clouds on Sunday come in layers after layers, alternating between bright and dark.  It was awesome!  The tips of the trees are lit up brightly by the sun while the thick cloud above is dark and shadowy.

Just east of Snoqualmie is the cascade mountain ranges, the eastern base of the mountain range is actually pretty close to Snoqualmie so it is always visible, especially when view from the highpoint of Snoqualmie Parkway.  This is especially true on Sunday, the air is clear, the lighting is ample, this combination allows for a super visible and clear view of the Cascades.

The above photo is a good representation of how that day was.  One part of the world is bright and sunny, and the other part is dark and stormy.  It really creates for  some very interesting visual effect.

/Lumaca Moderno

* Please stay-tune for more interesting photos from this day :)

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