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Cherry Blossoms At Fall City Part I

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Fall City – Dream of Cherry Blossoms – Part I


It was a gorgeous day, one of the very rare one amongst all the rainy days we have in the stretch.  So I was driving around, enjoying my ride and without knowing, wondered to Fall City, and to my surprise, discovered a whole row of cherry blossoms by SE Redmond-Fall City RD, it was truly gorgeous and beautiful!  I have no idea they have such cherry blossoms view here, and I happened to have my camera in my car, so, of course I took some photos.

Fall City is a very small town in Washington, it’s kind of between Issaquah and Snoqualmie, about 20 minutes driving from Seattle.  You can see Fall City on Google map here.  The river in the photo is the Snoqualmie River, which run along Fall City and highway 202.

The sun that day is so sunny and bright it is actually bad for photography.  After taking a couple shots, I already know I got nothing good, the sun is simply too bright and I know the highlights will be out of control.  After reviewing the photos at home, I found my worries hold true.

I try different conventional processing and found nothing I like.  So I decided to experiment with some color isolation, play around with it a bit and and see where it will go.  Another thing I also wanted to do was to try to bring back the color of the flower that was lost to the super bright sun.  The result is what you see here.  Now I don’t normally do this and this is definitely way out of my comfort zone, but I am allowed to go wild and let my imagination take over from time to time no?  :)

Cherry blossoms is truly the best indicator of spring.  In this case, It added so much more life and color to Fall City, instantly elevated it to one of the prettiest town in Washington.  This has to be one of the luckiest road sign of all, surrounded by all the pink and purple beauties.

Spring is almost not noticeable in this photo.  It kind of look like cherry blossoms in late fall instead of spring :)

I struggle with the more traditional blue sky background for this one … because the sky is amazingly blue that day, but to keep with the overall theme of this series, I opted for the color separation.  I think it has a unique flavor to it no?

The outcome took me sometimes to get use to, even though I am the person who decided on this look.  Well, now the blown highlight is being incorporated into the photos, after looking at them for a while, I thought it turn out ok, maybe I am just hypnotized from looking at it too long.  What do you guys think?  Too much?  Let me know if you like it or hate it, I would love to get your feedback :)

Please continue to part II: Fall City – Dream of Cherry Blossom II

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4 comments on “Cherry Blossoms At Fall City Part I

  1. Trong says:

    Hi there,

    Could you share with us what time did you shoot these pictures in Fall City. We would to know to come and see cherry blossom in this location :)

    Thanks so much,


    • exoticwashington says:

      Hey, so sorry for the late reply … like two years late …. lol~ I can’t remember when exactly, but it’s around April … Sorry I can’t be more specific … Hey, it’s about that time of year again!!

  2. Matt Hucke says:

    The building pictured in the fourth shot (the vertical one) is the Fall City Roadhouse…. known to millions of people as the Roadhouse in Twin Peaks (TV series, which was filmed there).

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