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Cherry Blossom At University of Washington | Seattle

Seattle, University of Washington, Washington State, United States, Pacific Northwest, Nikon D800, Tamron 24-70mm F28, Tamron 70-200mm F28, Photography, Color, Landscape, Cherry Blossom, Flower, Tree, Plant, Nature, Building, Campus, School, Chill, Spring, Morning, Rainy, Wet, Bright, Cool, Happy, Spirited, Green, Pretty, Beauty, Bloom, Anselm Chong, Lumaca Photo,,, Garden, flora, branches, Season, Tree, Bloom


Cherry Blossom At University of Washington | Seattle, WA.

It was a chilly winter morning, it’s the weekend where it should be the peak of the bloom, even though I have shot the cherry blossom at the same location so so so many times already, I still can’t resist to go.  Actually, photographing the blossoms it self is not the motivation, but to be there to enjoy and admire the ever so beautiful blossoms is.

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Keystone Beach On A Winter Sunset | Whidbey Island | WA

Whidbey Island, Keystone Beach, Puget Sound, Washington, United States, Pacific Northwest, Beach, Sky, Waterfront, Wave, Pebbles, Sea, Ocean, Weather, Cloud, Driftwood, Evening, Night, Dark, Cold, Chill, Winter, Road, Mountain, Hills, Landscape, Color, Nature, Low Light, Travel, Photography, Adventure, Lonely, Loneliness, Isolation, Dramatic, Outdoor, Road Trip, Anselm Chong, Lumaca Photo, Exotic Washington, My Camera Diary,,, Depressing, Depression, Depress, Sad, Desolate, Sadness


Keystone Beach On a Winter Sunset | Whidbey Island | WA


Road Trip to Whidbey Island and stop by Keystone Beach to take some beautiful winter sunset photos, the weather system on Puget Sound created some stunning cloud movement and gave a sense of sadness and depression to the photos, I love the isolation and lonely feel of these dark and cold tone capture.

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Ferry Ride From Mukilteo to Whidbey Island

Lumaca Photo, Exotic Washington, Travel, Photo Walk, Washington, Mukilteo, Ferry, USA, Pacific Northwest, Puget Sound, Waterfront, Ocean, Sea, Travel, Nikon D800, Nikon 28mm f/1.8, Terminal


Ferry Ride From Mukilteo to Whidbey Island | Wahsington

Sunny Sunny Sunny, but also cold cold cold, don’t be fool by the sun, even though it is super sunny and seem super nice, it is still as cold as ever!  But hey, the sun is out, that’s enough reason to get out and … yup, go for a ferry ride and enjoy that wind chill factor from the ferry deck~~

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Walking Around Washington Park Arboretum

My Camera Diary, Exotic Washington, Lumaca Photo, Anselm Chong

Walking Around Washington Park Arboretum | Seattle, WA

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Long Beach In The Rain Part 3

Beach, Cloud, Coastal, Exotic Washington, ExoticWashington.Com, Landscape, Long Beach, Low Light, Lumaca Moderno, Lumaca Photography, Nikon, Nikon 28mm, Nikon D800, North America, Pacific Northwest, PNW, Sand, Secnic, Small Town, Storm, street view, Sunset, Tamron 18-275mm, Travel, United States, USA, WA, Washington, 乌云, 低光, 北美, 华盛顿, 小镇, 尼康, 尼康28mm, 尼康D800, 情趣华盛顿, 旅游, 旅行, 景观, 沙滩, 海景, 海滩, 海边, 游记, 现代蜗牛, 美国, 腾龙18-275mm, 蜗牛摄影, 街景, 西北太平洋, 长海滩, 风暴, 黄昏

The Town In Rain – Long Beach, WA, USA

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Space Needle In The Fog – 01

Achitecture Photography, Art, B&W, Black and White,, Fog, Land Mark, Lumaca Moderno, Lumaca Phogotraphy, Mist,, Nice Scene, Night Photography, Night Scene, Nikon, Nikon 28mm f/1.8, Nikon D800, North America, Pacific Northwest, Photography, PNC, Scenic, Seattle, Seattle Center, Space Needle, Tamron 18-275mm, United States, Urban Photography, USA, WA, Washington, 北美, 华盛顿, 夜晚摄影, 夜景, 太空针, 尼康, 尼康28mm, 尼康D800, 建筑摄影, 情趣华盛顿, 我的相机日记, 摄影, 旅游, 旅行, 游记, 现代蜗牛, 美国, 腾龙18-275mm, 艺术, 蜗牛摄影, 西北太平洋, 西雅图, 西雅图中心, 雾, 风光, 风景, 黑白

Space Needle In The Fog – 01 | Seattle Center, Seattle, WA

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The Seattle Northwest Folklife Festival 2013 Part 6

Exotic Washington; ExoticWashington.Com; Lumaca Moderno; Lumaca Photography; My Camera Diary;; North America; Northwest Folklife Festival; PNC; Pacific Northwest; Seattle; Seattle Center; Seattle Monorail; Space Needle; USA; United States; WA; Washington; West Coast; 人群; 北美; 华盛顿; 单轨火车; 图片; 城市; 太空针; 尼康; 庆典; 很多人; 情趣华盛顿; 我的相机日记; 摄影; 旅游; 旅行; 旅行摄影; 旅行照片; 欢贺; 游记; 火车; 热闹; 照片; 现代蜗牛; 美国; 美图; 节日; 蜗牛摄影; 街头摄影; 街景; 西北太平洋; 西北民俗音乐节; 西海岸; 西雅图; 西雅图中心; 音乐; 音乐家; 风光; 风景;

Performers From All Walks of Life – 2013 Seattle Northwest Folklife Festival, WA.

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Cherry Blossoms At Fall City Part II

Fall City, Seattle, United States, Washington, USA, WA, Pacific Northwest, PNW, Photography, Travel, Scenic, Travel Photos, Sureal, Pink, Lumaca Moderno, Lumaca Photography, Cherry Blossom

Dream Of Cherry Blossoms Part II – Fall City, Washington, USA

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The Amazing Cloud Action in Snoqualmie-01

Seattle Photo | View of Cascades Mountain Ranges From Snoqualmie, WA

The Amazing Cloud Action and Cascades Mountain Ranges – Snoqualmie, WA

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